Schaltkreis Wassermann – Sample & Hold EP teaser video

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Codek Records haben ein neues Teaser Video für die kommende Sample & Hold EP von In Flagranti feat. Schaltkreis Wassermann veröffentlicht. Mir gefällt es sehr gut.

Die Musik stammt von In Flagranti, Toby Tobias, Vahagn und Additional Hardware. Ausgangspunkt für die Musiker waren Samples von unveröffentlichten Schaltkreis-Aufnahmen aus den frühen 80er-Jahren. Die meisten dieser Klang-Artefakte wurden mit dem legendären ARP 2600 erzeugt und lagerten während Jahrzehnten vergessen auf einem Estrich.

Video von Alex Gloor.

Codek Records CRE050
Vinyl vertrieben von NEWS
In Flagranti – Side Chain    5:52
Toby Tobias – Trigger Output     7:36
Vahagn – Voltage Controlle     6:13
Additional Hardware – Resistors & Capacitors    5:51
Text von Codek:
Back in 2002 when Alex Gloor moved back to Basel/Switzerland from New York, he played a friend of his the Schaltkreis Wassermann LP PSYCHOTRON from 1982 with the Daniele Baldelli/Bepe Loda cosmic classic LUX. To Alex’s surprise his friend knew PJ Wassermann, had his phone number and he lived near Basel, so Alex and PJ became friends & over the next 14 years stayed in close contact and worked on different project together. 2016 PJ was urged by his girlfriend to finally clean up his messy attic, which he did under protest, and to everybody’s surprise found forgotten recordings from his legendary LSD sessions from 1981, master tapes with live recordings of synth noodling created on many weekend “LSD Trips” recorded on a Revox reel to reel tape machine. After baking the tapes for two days at 50°C they revealed astonishingly good audio quality.
Perfect material for remixes we thought!
So we got a few different producers to work with the material and come up with new tracks rather than just remixing an old release.
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