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Title: SAMPLE & HOLD vinyl EP

Label: CODEK

Catalog No: CRE050

Release Date: March 10th 2017

Distributed by: News Distribution, Belgium


Und hier ist die erste Besprechung, von Piccadilly Records London.

An interesting development from 2002 which saw Wassermann discover a previous lost recording from some heady LSD-fuelled sessions in 1981 and recorded on a Studer A807 Reel to Reel tape machine. Label head Alex Gloor thought he’d get in some top heads to bash out some remixes and we arrive here! Like a propulsive mix between the winding ambience of E2-E4 and shattered warehouse techno of Opal Tapes, gritty drum loops and punctuated transients overlap into skittering and shadowy ambience. ‚Side-Chain‘ is a predictably rhythmic affair, casting beams spaceweard and echoing through the stars into the ether.

Vahagn’s ‚Voltage Control‘ on the other hand is a much more lucid and direct affair, pitching an earthy kick drum and growling rhythmic bass against atmospheric soars, but keeping the distractions down to a minimum. Galloping toms and neon sweeps hark to the 80’s whilst sounding brilliantly modern, mixing african timbres with effercescent synth stabs and melodic juxtaposition before launching into a full-force feel-good conclusion.
‚Trigger Output‘ brings it all back to techno territory, occupying the same space-station rave bunker as the opener, but pushed along by dusty jungle breaks and downsampled hip-hop rhythms, interspersed with sound-sound snippets and retriggered samplefoolery. This brings us nicely into the grooving Afro-disco abstractions of ‚Resistors and Capcitors‘, bringing together the strands of influence at in the entirety of this varied but thematically fascinating collection.


Barry says: A brilliantly forward thinking and spacey suite of head-nodding rhythms, cosmic kicks and juddering sample-led pulsing. Industrious cyclical grooves throughout. A soaring slo-mo technoid trip.


A1. In Flagranti – Side Chain
A2. Vahagn – Voltage Controlle
B1. Toby Tobias – Trigger Output
B2. Additional Hardware – Resistors & Capacitor

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